Satyajit Bhatkal – The Man Behind Satyamev Jayate

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His show moved many a heart and tugged at the ear- ducts. He brought out the brazen truths of our society out in the open for us all to see and take notice of. He set a new benchmark for Indian television with a show which dared to challenge the accepted norms. The show traversed beyond what was considered safe and guaranteed to rake in unprecedented moolah. And, in his own words, he “owned” AAMIR KHAN, arguably the biggest actor in B- Town today, for almost a year and a half. Yes, we are talking about Mr. SATYAJIT BHATKAL, the director of the show that made a lot of headlines, SATYAMEV JAYATE. Let us know more of him, what he strongly advocates or vehemently objects.

Though he always expected a project that was spear- headed by AAMIR KHAN to make headlines, he never expected the phenomenal adulation that came his way. That the show has been taken seriously by politicians, administrators, the judiciary, IPS and IAS officers, speaks for the impact of the show itself. He believes that the show ear- marked the beginning of a new tomorrow. He agrees that every nation, which wants to change or is in dire need of a metamorphosis, needs a leader, and the Indian viewers found that very leader in their celluloid hero, AAMIR KHAN, who harnessed his power and privilege as a celebrity in the right way and direction.

The show did make an abnormal amount of headlines, but not always for the right reasons. Though you might feel that BHATKAL might have been perturbed with the constant criticism from some quarters about incorrect facts, but the man himself is rock- steady. He says that if the show hadn’t got people talking, in favour of it or against it, that would have perturbed him no end. But criticism, for BHATKAL, is always welcome as long as it is constructive. At the end of the day, he believes, people realized that the show was about bringing up stigmatic issues in the open and mobilize public opinion. The intentions could never be doubted.

BHATKAL says that he would always be in the monitor room during the show, so that the common people had more of an open environment to vent their feelings. The director’s role is cut out in a shoe like this, he believes, where leadership and vision is needed in ample measures. Also, the desk and field work, the short listing, the research, the analysis, the participants, the editing, are the director’s responsibilities and he handled it all with gumption. And at no point of time did he ‘direct’ AAMIR; all the conversations were real and absolutely spontaneous.

There were people who complained, and raised eye- brows when AAMIR had moist eyes a tad too frequently on the show. Was all the crying a ‘gimmick’, or a mere show- off a renowned actor’s repertoire? BHATKAL denies it vehemently, and says that AAMIR is an extremely emotional person and whenever something melancholic makes his heart ache, he does get teary- eyed. He is an extremely sensitive person by nature.

Talking of AAMIR’s involvement, BHATKAL says that it was monstrous. AAMIR had dedicatedly given his heart and soul to the show, and believed in the concept. So all the threadbare analysis and research had AAMIR playing an active part, and his overall knowledge at the end of it was akin to a well- informed journalist or sociologist. BHATKAL agrees that it was tough to convince people to talk about their personal problems on national television in front of a billion viewers, but it was SVATI BHATKAL, co -director of the show, who made it all possible with her conviction and iron will. SVATI’s amicable and warm relationship with the participants made them feel more comfortable to talk about their predicaments and be more open about issues that they would rather keep under wraps.

The show has undoubtedly changed the lives of many a people, and BHATKAL’s own life has been no different, who himself feels the world around him has changed for the better and brought about a lot of positivity, goodwill and hope amongst people.We are certainly looking forward to a second season, and we would only pray that it makes an even bigger impact than the first season!!

Article By Kaustav Deb

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